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RIP Davy Jones (and part of my childhood)

Davy Jones lead singer of the quirky 60’s band The Monkees died today of a heart attack and part of my childhood did as well.

No I was not a kid in the 60’s, but remember watching the reruns in the 80’s after school as a kid, as many of us did, on the TV in my parents bedroom several times. It was one of the shows that made me want to play music. It made me want to be in a band. I mean come on these guys had a sweet house, the girls, cool adventures… the Monkee-mobile!!!! and they had fun most of all!!!
(Disclaimer: yes I’m WELL aware it was a TV show and not reality..sniff)
I remember my mom telling me stories on how she was in the orchestra for a musical that Davy Jones was the lead in back when they were kids. How she wrote a fan letter to him when he was “famous”. Yeah, my Mom the groupie.. who knew??!!

Last summer The Monkees did a reunion tour (minus Mike) and I MISSED IT from being out of town!!! I was bummed to miss it, but now.. never.. NEVER will I be able to see the guys play live or hear “Day Dream Believer” at Red Rocks like a lucky group did last year. Oh the inhumanity!! The suffering!! (note: take meds and settle down)

Where’s my vinyl copy of The Monkees album??!! Time to reminisce, relive my childhood when things were easy and eat a banana in honor of the “Head Monkee”.

RIP in Peace Davy Jones. You brought a smile to millions!


For all you Big Tent Revival fans out there.. things are about to get really, REALLY, fun again. The teasers are dropping and word is in March we’ll hear more.. This picture came across the Instagram account of BTR drummer @SpenceSmithHere is their website. 


For all you Big Tent Revival fans out there.. things are about to get really, REALLY, fun again. The teasers are dropping and word is in March we’ll hear more.. This picture came across the Instagram account of BTR drummer @SpenceSmith

Here is their website

Hot Chelle Rae - Bluebird Theater, Denver


Hot Chelle Rae
Well Denver, you can now place yourself in the history books of Hot Chelle Rae’s stellar career! If you made it out to the show you noticed leader singer, Ryan Follese, get a little emotional and mention that tonight was the band’s FIRST sold out headlining show. Yeah, pretty sweet and some of us can say “we were there”. OK so on to the meat of the show….

From the opening lights and remixed beats of “Beautiful Freaks” one knew this was going to be a killer show and the guys did not disappoint. They packed the 75 min show full of fun antics and tunes including hits; “I Like It Like That”,  “Bleed” and  “Why Don’t You Love Me” with guest vocals by tour mate Cady Groves. They closed with, the now multi-platinum selling single, “Tonight, Tonight” and yes the balcony just about came down in the Bluebird Theater from the fans jumping and singing at the top of their lungs.

I’ve seen the guys a few times (as recent as Oct ’11) and they keep getting exponentially better! Talking to the guys before the show on the bus you cannot help get intoxicated with their excitement and love of the new album, how life is going and how much they REALLY do love and appreciate their fans. Do not be surprised to see them packing out the Fillmore or larger venue next time they are in town. Their days of smaller venues are pretty much over. Hate to say it, but you snooze, you loose.

Check out their latest album, “Whatever” on iTunes

The “I Like it Like That” video or the “Tonight, Tonight” video are also quite a bit of fun!

Life Moves At Ya Pretty Fast…

Ferris Bueller

It’s amazing in how many of life’s situations you can use or think about this quote from Ferris Bueller; Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” Miss IT? It’s the “it” that grabs my attention. What is the “it”? Who is the “it”? When was the “it”? 

I look at life and think about the fact that my oldest is going to be in college in just over 3 1/2 years or you could think of it like when they were babies, 42 months.. 42 MONTHS, 1,260 DAYS (give or take).. HOLY CRAP! Yeah fast is not the word I’m thinking of.. hyper drive maybe! There are road trips we have not gone on yet together. There are conversations we have not had yet together. There are times standing in line until midnight to see movies the girls in the house would roll their eyes over yet together. There is fishing, skiing, hiking adventures to happen yet together. Life is not just moving too fast, it just freaking needs to stop for a while!!

In my past few jobs I’ve had to endure long hours at the office, many days on the road for network installs, customer support, conventions, trades shows, concerts, festivals and “other duties as assigned”. This past December, that all changed. I was let go from a job that I thought was a dream scenario. I got to hang with the “who’s who” in the music industry, professional cycling and other sports. I’ve got a box full of All Access passes and signed memorabilia, a hard drive full of imagery from the concerts and an address book that would make myself of 7 years ago (well and a good portion of my friends) jealous to all ends. Sure it’s all cool in the end, but I look back and wonder how much time was sucked away from my family. Note: there were shows where my family did come with and my kids and wife have been able to meet several of their favorite artists along that journey and it’s an opportunity I am eternally grateful for.

I’m not writing this as some “aww.. poor guy got to hang out with cool people and now he’s complaining”. I’ve made some amazing friends. Friends that are musicians, managers, riggers, stage and lighting designers. These are friendships I know will last far past the time of us working “together”. The memories are and will be priceless. So not to take away from the personal side of that job.

I’m writing this as a public confession that, yeah I got too busy. I got too focused and centered on the “coolness” of the job. I worked too hard to try and advance and move up the corporate ladder only to be kicked around and shown the door… an action for which I am now grateful.

Now I am embarking on a new journey in life (well, the boat has not left the dock yet, but I’m about to put down the deposit for the tickets). The journey of working for myself… at least, that is what I am working towards right now. Sure, I’ll work for people, with people, etc, but the goal is to work for myself. Be around more for my wife and kids. Be able to work anywhere, anytime so that the last few years don’t go by in the flash (which, unless someone has Father Time’s cell number and I can convince him otherwise, will still happen). The thought of going on a trip with the family and putting in a few hours of work in the morning or later in the evening and then having the rest of the day with them is soooo intriguing. Oh and so is working from and finding cool local coffee shops to hang in.


"Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes."

Looks like I need to get going on planning those road trips, movies, ski, hiking and fishing trips….

Difference Between PR and Advertising

This was such a great post from my friend Gini Dietrich, I just had to repost it here!